Tips For New Models...

Getting In Front Of A Camera For The First Time (or First Few Times) Can Be Intimidating. In Fact, Even Pros Still Get Cases Of Nervousness. So Don't Worry, It's Natural.

I've Worked With A Number Of First Time Models Before And I Have Good Understanding Of What To Expect And How To Get The Most Out Of Shooting With Someone New. The Best Advice I Can Give Is Don't Worry About It. Relax. I Will Do Whatever I Can To Create The Type Of Environment Where You Can Do Just That.

I Consider A Photo Shoot To Be A Collaborative And Creative Effort Between The Model, The Photographer, The Make-up Artist And Rest Of The Team. I Welcome All Exchanges Of Ideas And I'm Always Open To Experimenting And Trying Something New.

Many First-time Models Worry About Posing. When It Comes To Working With New Models, I Don't Expect The Person I'm Shooting To Have An Arsenal Of Different Poses At Their Disposal. And I Never Pressure Anyone To Perform. I Work With You, With The Skills You Have And Provide As Much Guidance And Direction As You'd Like Until We're Both Happy With The Results.

I Always Have Plenty Of Reference Material Available At My Shoots And You Are More Than Welcome To Bring Your Own. This Includes Magazines, Posing Books, Photos, And Anything Else That Might Help You Get Ideas About Looks Or Poses That You'd Like To Try. All Of These Items Are Freely Available To Refer To And Get Ideas From While We're Shooting. Many Of The Experienced Models I Work With Will Still Look At Magazines While We're Shooting To Draw Ideas From.

How To Become A Model...

Let’s Get This Straight... YOU CAN BECOME A MODEL!!!

There Is A Common misconception about The Modeling Business...The Misconception Being... "You Must Be Super Skinny, Super Tall And Super Sexy To Become A Model".THIS IS SIMPLY NOT TRUE!!! And It Is Especially Not True, Right Now!!!

If You Look At Hundreds Of Different TV Commercials, Magazine Ads, Billboards... You Will See That Every Different Look Is Being Used In Advertising. The Truth Is, That Advertisers Need To Target Every Different Group Of People In Our Society! And You Are A Part Of Our Vast Society As Well!!

Especially Now Days The Variety In Models Is Huge... There Is A Huge Demand For Normal Average Looking People. Of Course There Is Always Work For People Who Are Naturally... Sexy. This Is Not So Much A Look, As It Is A Personality.

There Are Unlimited Opportunities Available To Every Different Type Of Look, Age, Race, Height And Weight!

Well, Let’s Go Outside Of Your Normal Mode Of Thinking. Think Outside The Box. Think About The Models, actors  And Other Celebrities You Look Up To And Aspire To Be Like.     

Why Do You Think These People Are Role Models To You And Many Others? What Do They All Have In Common? What All Successful People Have In Common Is That They Are All Extremely Confident. They Are All Extremely Charismatic. And None Of Them Are Afraid To Be Themselves.They Are Everything That Everyone In Society Wants To Be. And That Is Why They Are Successful! And That Is What You Need To Focus On First, In Order For You To Become Successful As Well.

All Of The Money, Fame And The Success Are The Results

Model Advice...

Always Try To Be Rested Before A Shoot, Especially If A Lot Of Travel Is Involved. The Best Shoots Are Ones Where You Feel Rested And Fresh.Always Remember You Are Not Considered A Professional After One Or Two Shoots. It Takes A Lot Of Work To Get To That Point. Nothing Comes Easy, Most Of The Time Always Present Yourself In A Very Professional Manner Whether It Be Your First Or 100th Shoot.Keep Your Portfolio Updated With New Looks Etc. We All Change From Time To Time, Never Present Yourself As Something That You Are Not.

Remember There Are Modeling Opportunities For Almost Everyone. Make Sure That You Fit Into The One That Best Suits You And Your Goals. Marketing Today Is Very Diversified, Different Looks, Shapes, Sizes, Ages, Etc.Be You, And Be The Best You Can Be. You Will Have Times When This Business Will Get You Down And That Is Ok, If This Is What You Really Want....reach For Your Goals.Be You, And Be The Best You Can Be. You Will Have Times When This Business Will Get You Down And That Is Ok, If This Is What You Really Want....reach For Your Goals.

Confidence. Clients Are Looking For Someone Who Is Self-assured And Whom They Think Can Sell Their Product. A Model Must Be Able To Sell Herself Before She Can Sell A Product. It Is Also Important To Be Able To Handle The Rejection That Every Model Must Face. No Model Could Meet The Expectations Of Every Possible Client. It Is Always Best To Go Into A Casting Not Caring Whether Or Not You Get It. That Way It's A Pleasant Surprise If You Get The Job But You Aren't Let Down If You Don't Get It.

Independence. Because Models Must Sometimes Travel Away From Their Friends And Family For A Job, Or Move To A Big City To Pursue A Full Time Career, It Is Important To Have A Great Deal Of Independence. You Must Be Co